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How to navigate eating out with digestive issues

Eating out can be daunting when you're dealing with digestive health issues. Read more

FDHS is presenting sponsor for Take Steps Sarasota

Take Steps is a family-friendly event where patients and supporters empower each other to continue the fight against IBD. Read more

Gastroenterologist joins Lakewood Ranch practice

Florida Digestive Health Specialists is pleased to welcome Dr. Avantika Mishra, a board-certified gastroenterologist, to our specialty network. Dr. Mishra graduated from Johns Hopkins University with honors and received her medical degree from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. She then... Read more

Physicians take the Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge

Gastroenterologists and team members from Florida Digestive Health Specialists took on the Gastroparesis Pie Face Challenge on Tuesday, August 6 to raise awareness for a little-known digestive disease. Gastroparesis is a debilitating disorder that paralyzes the stomach and slows or... Read more

Treating Barrett’s Esophagus: Time To End the Double Standard

The way we have approached most cancers in the practice of evidencebased medicine has been to remove the precursor lesion before the onset of cancer, thus preventing or minimizing the risk that cancer will develop. We do that for actinic... Read more

World Hepatitis Day – July 28th

Every year on July 28, World Hepatitis Day aims to increase the awareness and understanding of viral hepatitis as a major global health threat. All types of viral hepatitis can cause inflammation of the liver; however, hepatitis B and C... Read more