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The fighter

Stephanie, a 38-year-old Tampa Bay resident, balances a busy schedule, taking care of her two children and working full-time as an ultrasound technologist. There wasn’t time for self-pity – she geared up to battle colorectal cancer.

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Miles to minutes: Rebecca’s fight with colorectal cancer

Rebecca was diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer when she was just 46 years old – several years younger than the standard screening age for colorectal cancer – and was in seemingly good health. Rebecca worked full time as a nurse, ate healthy, enjoyed traveling and had run a couple of half marathons.

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What is pancreatitis?

George Clooney recently made the news when he was diagnosed with pancreatitis while prepping for his role on ‘The Midnight Sky.’ But what exactly is the illness that allegedly led to the hospitalization of this leading actor?

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