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“[C]hronic illness makes you different. It makes you experience the world in a way that others who have not dealt with chronic illness could never understand. … But finding a community of people who know what you’ve been through and have walked in your same shoes … it’s an incredibly freeing feeling. I think one of the things we strive for most in this world is to be understood. Some people search for that their whole lives. I consider myself pretty lucky to have found it.” — blog post from Stephanie on http://stolencolon.com/ (http://stolencolon.com/)
Don’t let IBS ruin your day: Take control of your symptoms.
Tired of the abdominal pain, diarrhea and constipation associated with IBS? IBS is a common digestive disorder affecting millions of Americans every day. Learn the facts about IBS and find out which treatment options are right for you. http://patients.gi.org/topics/irritable-bowel-syndrome/