Domenico Coppola, MD, FASCP, FCAP

Personal Information

Dr. Coppola is the medical director of Florida Digestive Health Specialists’ Department of Pathology and Emeritus Professor of Oncologic Sciences and Pathology at Moffitt Cancer Center. He is board-certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. Dr. Coppola completed his fellowship in Surgical Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He also completed a fellowship in Molecular Biology at Jefferson Cancer Institute.  He completed his residency in combined anatomic and clinical pathology at Temple University in Philadelphia.


    • Certified American Board of Pathology, combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
    • Licensed in the Florida, Pennsylvania and Indiana


    • Fellow, Surgical Pathology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA. (Under the supervision of Samuel Yousem), 1994-1995
    • Fellow, Molecular Biology, Jefferson Cancer Institute, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (under the supervision of Prof. Renato Baserga), 1992-1994
    • Resident, Combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology, Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, 1988-1992
    • Resident, General Surgery, Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, 1987-1988
    • Post-Doctoral, Associate of the Italian Diabetic Center, Cava dei Tirreni, Italy, 1984-1986
    • Post-doctoral, Gastroenterology, Instituto di Semeiotica Medica, University of Naples, Naples, Italy, 1983-1984
    • MD, University of Naples, First Faculty, Naples, Italy, 1983
    • Internship, University of Naples, Naples, Italy
    • Bachelor of Science/Biology, Liceo Classico P. Virgilio Marone, Meta di Sorrento, Italy, 1974

    Honors and Awards

    • Center Director’s Award for Outstanding Research
    • H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute,Tampa, FL, 1998
    • Research and Creative Scholarship Award. H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute. IGF1-ROver expression Induces transformation of normal ovarianmesothelial cells, 1998
    • ASCO MeritAward, Senior Author- American Society ofClinical Oncology, An immunohistochemicalanalysis of 72 cases, Strong Correlation between COX-2 expression and AC mutation in left vs. right-sided human colon cancer, 2003
    • Moffitt Leadership Academy, 2006-2007
    • Murray “Gus” Abell, MD, Scientific Paper Award – Human Pathology published article “Activations of the Serine/Threonine Kinase Akt in the Progression of Barrett Neoplasia,” 2007
    • Moffitt’s Team Publication Award, Article in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Prognostic and PredictiveValue of a Malignancy-Risk Gene Signature in Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. February 2012
    • 2012 JOGS Best Article Award for published article“Complementary strand microRNA’s mediate acquisition of metastatic potential in colonic adenocarcinoma” which was published in The Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery January 2012.
    • The Best Clinical Podium Presentation Award was presented at the 2013 ASCRS Annual Meeting for the article “Epigenomic Characterization of Locally Advanced Stage Anal Cancer: An RTOG 98-11 Specimen Study.”
    • Expression of Her-2 neu in gastroesophageal Intestinal Metaplasia, Dysphasia and adenocarcinoma. Best Research Poster – ASCP meeting in Tampa, FL, October 8- 11, 2014
    • Forecasting H. Pylori-associated gastric disease progression to improve screening modalities for early gastric cancer intervention. IMO Moffitt Cancer Center Workshop IV. Viruses in Cancer. November 21, 2014. Tampa, FL


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