Abdominal X-ray

Abdominal X-ray

What is an abdominal x-ray?
A test to look at the organs in the belly area, like the spleen, stomach and intestines.

Why is the abdominal x-ray performed?
This test is used to diagnose pain in the abdomen or unexplained nausea.  It can also identify urinary tract problems like kidney stones or blockages in the intestine.

How the abdominal x-ray performed?
In a radiology department or where x-rays are taken while lying on your back, side or standing up.

How do you prepare for the abdominal x-ray?
Inform your doctor if you are pregnant, have an IUD inserted, have had a barium x-ray or taken medications like Pepto Bismol in the last 4 days.

There is low radiation exposure so the risks are low compared to the benefits.