Medical Records

Release of  Medical Records

Paper copies of medical records may be released upon receipt of written authorization from patients over 18 or their legal guardians. Once your authorized request is received, processing your request may take up to 30 days.  

In some cases, there might be a charge for medical records copies if requested by a patient or patient representative. If the records are needed for continued care, there is no charge to the patient when records are sent directly to your physician or the facility providing treatment. 

If records are needed for treatment or an appointment within the next 48-72 hours, physicians can request them by fax when you arrive at their office. Records can be faxed to the physician’s office at no charge to the patient. 

Who to Contact


Phone Number

Fax Number

FDHS Pathology Lab

(813) 553-3332

(813) 374-4459

Florida Research Institute(941) 727-7772(941) 216-4836
Emerald Coast Digestive Health Specialists(850) 863-5990(850) 862-0041
F. Aguilo-Seara, MD(321) 433-3000(321) 433-3001
FDHS Lake City(386) 758-6094(877) 583-1179
Florida Center for Gastroenterology(727) 544-1600(727) 546-9071
Florida Digestive Disease Specialists(941) 361-1100(941) 361-1103
Gastroenterology Associates of Manatee(941) 794-1980(941) 794-2893
Gastroenterology Associates of Sarasota(941) 365-6556(941) 365-6678
Gastroenterology Center of Tampa Bay(813) 685-5500(813) 653-1379
Gomez GI(321) 690-0002(321) 632-1358
Gulf Comprehensive Gastroenterology(941) 473-8881(941) 475-0801
Lee S. Mitchel, MD(941) 366-4015(941) 366-4125
Murali Krishna, MD(321) 301-4546(321) 301-4547
Sarasota Center for Digestive Disease(941) 952-9223(941) 955-0642
Space Coast Gastroenterology Specialists(321) 385-0884(321) 385-9578
Suncoast GI Associates(941) 748-2417(941) 748-3694
Tobkes GI(321) 632-0497(321) 631-7746
University Gastro(941) 360-2579(941) 360-2580
Venice Gastroenterology(941) 483-5730(941) 483-5740