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Patient Experience and Quality Award Winner – Mildred Frederick

Michael Sturm and Mildred Frederick

For the final Patient Experience and Quality Award of the year, we’re thrilled to present this honor to Mildred Frederick. Mildred works in our Central Billing Office and is responsible for identifying and resolving all patient accounts that have an outstanding balance. Although this is her primary roll, she is also the main contact for patient payment plans.

“She is thorough but also fair when reviewing and handling all patient accounts and phone calls while adhering to all FDHS policies and HIPAA laws,” said Michael Sturm, payment posting supervisor. “Her high level of knowledge and experience in all aspects of her duties assists her in addressing patient concerns accurately and swiftly. She is always courteous, respectful, sensitive and understanding to our patients and overall leaves them with a sense of confidence and trust that their concerns matter, and we are doing the best we can to help them.”

Kasey Andrews, one of Mildred’s co-workers, nominated her for this award.

“Every day I see how patient and friendly she is with patients,” said Kasey. “She goes above and beyond to be informative and prepared. She helps give them the best payment plan possible, always relates to them, and she tries to make them feel more at ease. Any time a patient has called here upset about not being able to reach a doctor’s office or collection agency, Mildred instantly stops what she is doing to help the patient out. It is obvious that she truly cares for the patients, and she even remembers all of their names and individual situations!”

Congratulations, Mildred! Thank you for going above and beyond for our patients.