Taming the Fire – Is it Heartburn or Barrett’s Esophagus?

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Shining the Spotlight on Barrett’s Esophagus

As the summer season swelters on, we bring a vital topic to the forefront – this is Barrett’s Esophagus Awareness Month! No more hiding in the shadows – let’s shine a spotlight on this condition together! Join us as we embark on an informative journey to understand Barrett’s Esophagus better and spread awareness about its significance in digestive health.

What’s Barrett’s Esophagus, you ask? It’s a condition where the tissue lining the esophagus undergoes changes, often caused by acid reflux. While this sounds serious, knowledge is power! So, let’s team up to discover more about this condition, learn about preventive measures and support those affected by it.

Detecting Cancer Before Symptoms Appear: William Irwin’s Story

William Irwin, a long-time Sarasota resident, has battled prostate cancer multiple times, resulting in radiation burns in his colon and stomach and the necessity for frequent diagnostic testing using an endoscopic procedure. Fortunately for Irwin, the FDA has recently approved EsoCheck as an effective and less invasive method-for the purpose of discovering abnormal cells or damage like Barrett’s Esophagus.

Florida Digestive Health Specialists is the first gastroenterology network in the state to offer EsoCheck, which utilizes a genomic test called EsoGuard® to analyze cells for DNA changes associated with Barrett’s esophagus and esophageal cancer. As esophageal cancer often shows no symptoms until later stages, this innovative technology provides an opportunity to identify those at risk…