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Convenient, secure telehealth care

Simple & secure, telehealth video services are for those unable to leave their residences. Whether it’s a routine follow-up or addressing a more pressing need, telehealth appointments allow our teams to provide essential care.

What’s required

  • A smart device with audio/video capability (cell phone, tablet or computer)
  • A private, quiet area for the appointment
  • Internet access

Telehealth appointment instructions

  1. Contact your insurance company to verify your plan’s coverage (this information can generally be found on their website or by calling the number on the back of your insurance card).

  2. Call your gastroenterologist’s practice to inquire about a telehealth appointment. Our schedulers will ask you to confirm your insurance information and will tell you your payment responsibility for the services rendered.

  3. About 5-10 minutes before your appointment, one of our staff members will call you to start the check-in process. Make sure your phone is nearby and the device you’ll be using for the appointment is on and connected to the internet.

  4. Once you’re checked in over the phone, you will receive an appointment link via email.

  5. Click the link, type in your name and click “Check In”.

  6. Allow the browser to access your video and microphone.

  7. Your provider will start your visit.


Does my insurance cover telehealth services?

Plans are regularly updating their telehealth policies as the COVID-19 situation evolves. Please contact your insurance company to verify your plan’s coverage by visiting your insurance company’s website or calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

What if I don’t have access to a device with video/audio capability?

If you cannot access our telehealth video services because of technology constraints, please call your physician’s care center. Many of our practices are offering phone calls with providers or communication between the patient and provider through our online patient portal.

Is the telehealth system HIPAA-compliant?

Yes. We use doxy.me, which is HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH-compliant and meets worldwide security requirements.

Are telehealth visits recorded?

No – telehealth visits are not recorded, and no patient information is stored in the telehealth system. Your provider will take notes as they normally would in our secure electronic medical records system, which is separate from our telehealth technology.

Can only patients with COVID-19 access telehealth video services?

No, telehealth is accessible to patients regardless of diagnosis. Whether it’s a routine follow-up or addressing a more pressing need, our telehealth appointments allow our teams to review your symptoms and provide care.

Do I need to download anything for the telehealth video appointment?

No, the telehealth appointment is completed entirely online through an internet browser. No download is needed.

Do I need to register for the telehealth system before the appointment?

No, registration is not required for doxy.me, our video telehealth system.

Are prior authorizations or referrals required for telehealth visits?

No. As of now (3/31/20), insurance companies are not requiring prior authorization for telehealth visits. We will continue to monitor the regulations and policies, and we will keep our patients informed if anything changes.

Do patients need to provide written consent for a telehealth visit?

No. By verbally accepting the telehealth appointment you authorize your provider to use telemedicine in the course of your diagnosis and treatment.